What is the basic skill of playing a guitar?

Basic skills have been hanged by the masters. Novices are often referred to as “the basic skills are not passed”, “go back to focus on practicing basic skills”… However, the players will be very depressed, is the basic skill of the guitar just to climb the grid? How to summarize basic skills?

This question is actually very difficult to answer. It can only be said that the basic skills of the beginners stage should be based on “climbing the grid”. As for other content, you don’t need to think too much. If you don’t want to know what the basic skills of the guitar are, you can tell that all the exercises about guitar playing techniques are basic skills.

For example, if you build a house, its foundation is certainly the foundation. But apart from the foundation, beams, columns, bricks, tiles, rafters, walls, doors and windows, and even the various pipelines in which they are laid, are missing. All of this is necessary to cover this house. So for this house, they are the foundation. Only their respective functions are different. In the process of building a house, the order of construction is different.

The process of learning a guitar is like the process of building a house; Initially it is necessary to lay down the foundation – this is of course a basic skill category;

After that, it is the column, the frame beam – this is also a basic skill; Then there is the wall tiling – still the basic work; Then there is the window and the door – although the house has begun to take shape. But still not finished, what you do is still basic skills; After that, after wiring, tube loading; brushing the wall and paving the floor; Place sanitary ware and kitchenware; After buying the furniture, the house can finally live. But you still need to tinker with it from time to time, change the interior layout, and improve living conditions – All of this is still the scope of basic work.

Therefore, the basic skills are actually some methods to improve the skills, there is no fixed formula, it depends entirely on your skill defects. There is only one basic purpose for the initial “foundation” phase – learning the correct way to play.

Therefore, all the practice subjects set around this purpose are “basic skills.” This includes correcting the posture of the body while playing and learning to read the score.

For the guitar, every exercise in the textbook is a basic skill. It is not mysterious or complicated, but it requires you to pay enough attention.

For example, the practice of empty string plucking in the right hand, do you practice it as a “basic skill”? This exercise will put it in the forefront of both classical and folk guitar textbooks. But many people don’t take it seriously. As a result, I learned that I played the same, and I played hard to listen. I still can’t remember the original “Empty String Practice”, which is actually to correct your plucking technique, and thus it is very convenient to play The basic skills of setting a beautiful sound.

For example, how many people practice the rhythm guitar’s sweeping method, and carefully correct the balance of strength, rhythm stability and tone effect?

Another example is the decomposition of chord exercises. How many people have practiced it from beginning to end? How many people have carefully corrected the tone and rhythm during practice?

Of course, all of the above are exercises that are directly related to guitar playing. In addition, before you play every day, it is also a basic skill to trim your nails, move your fingers, and even adjust your posture. Practices that include the ability to read the spectrum, the study of the common sense of music, and even the improvement of the ability to appreciate music can be regarded as the basic skills.

The purpose of basic skills is to improve your ability in a sequential manner. Many of these subjects require you to spend your entire life honing. For example, some of the things I mentioned above, including the preparations before the practice, should form a habit to continue; The right-handed practice of the right hand, the scale practice on the left hand (including the “climbing of the grid”), etc., is not only the basic exercise subject necessary for the beginner stage, but also can be continued as the “open finger exercise” before each exercise.