What are the precautions for Guitar Beginners

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Guitar beginners have a certain period of confusion at first, do not know how to practice more reasonable, this is also a common problem in the early days of learning any instrument. Today we will come together to discuss how beginners can practice guitars scientifically and reasonably, as well as beginners for other instruments!

What are the precautions for guitar beginners

1.Can’t be too excited

Often beginners just bought a guitar and were very happy. After all, if you don’t like the guitar, you won’t buy it, so you can’t put it down on the guitar. In fact, this is not very good. It is easy to cause people to be uncomfortable, and soon they will be physically and mentally exhausted.

Playing the guitar has high requirements for posture, body coordination, rhythm, and so on.
If you can’t play in a slack state, it will be counterproductive.

What are the precautions for guitar beginners

2. Can’t relax too much

If you practice with the mentality of a day when the monk hits the day, it is not obvious that this state is completed every day. Every time you practice a prescribed guitar score, you must have a positive response. Don’t be too nervous and not too relaxed. The correct posture, positive response, start learning in the best state, this is the best state of learning guitar!

3. Step by step

Don’t learn the guitar with an entertaining attitude. There are requirements for learning guitar by yourself. The basics of learning must be based on the basics and then learn. A good textbook is a good teacher. The textbook has a scientific arrangement for learning the guitar. Each lesson has its importance. To understand every sentence in the textbook, and do what you want, then you can learn that lesson, or you can do other similar exercises based on the content of this lesson. After consolidation, you can start the next lesson.

What are the precautions for guitar beginners

4. Interest is the best teacher

Some students feel very boring when they are learning to practice the monosyllabic, but the basic rhythm is not well mastered, the hands are not well done, and the posture is not very accurate.

Then you can go to find your favorite songs, monophonic melody solo: thumb leaning on the string practice, the index finger middle finger ring finger alternate practice, and then try to play the rhythm, tone and other aspects, all put a request for yourself. You will find that very happy thing, and the skill has progressed unconsciously!

What are the precautions for guitar beginners

5. Remember to be flexible

When you play a certain piece of music and meet the difficulty, and find that it is really impossible to play, don’t hold it hard, don’t have no confidence, maybe your technology has not reached this level, not you can’t. Then you will circumvent it and play what you can.

The same is true for playing. Maybe you can only play the primary songs, suitable for 3-4 chords, simple and unified rhythm songs; To practice some of the more complicated rhythm and complicated chords, you will not be able to play such songs first.

What are the precautions for guitar beginners

6. Find your own shortcomings and practice

For example, if you find yourself playing a simple prelude in the singer, it may be that your grasp of the scale is not enough, and the mastery of the beat is not accurate enough. Then practice the lower scale and mono solo alone. Practice the rhythm, count the beats, and strengthen the individual training in this area until you are familiar with the play.

What are the precautions for guitar beginners

7. Speed problem

When you practice a piece of music, feel very hard and feel at a loss, then try to slow down the practice. Maybe it’s faster, it’s more difficult for yourself, slow down to a speed you can accept, maybe this method can solve your problem!

In short, learning any instrument is not an easy task. Since the choice is to insist, whether it is interest or professional, GuitarsofChina hopes that everyone can stick together!

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